Recover And Reset Ur Nokia Security Code By NSS (PRO)

Here two methods are given to RECOVER AND RESET ur Nokia Mobiles Security Code . ●● RESET SECURITY CODE - To do this u need - 1. Nokia PC Suite 2. NSS -Nemesis Service Suite 3. Phone data cable * 1st Download Nemesis Service Suite (NSS) - ) . ● IF U HAVE A NEWER NOKIA MOBILE THEN DOWNLOAD *NSS PRO* NOT NSS --( . (Installing NSS PRO is recommended . Bcoz NSS can give error . Then follow this steps (This process is for NSS / FOR NSS PRO SEE BELOW ) 1. First install the latest version of Nokia PC Suite (DOWNLOAD FROM BLOGROLL) 2. Then install Nemesis Service Suite (NSS) OR NSS PRO →3. Now connect your mobile phone to your computer with data cable. If the phone prompts, choose default mode or PC Suite mode but do not open pc suite yet .
4. Next, start Nemesis Service suite (NSS)
→5. Select scan for new devices button (on top right corner of NSS)
→6. Click on Phone Info button.
→7. Now click the Scan button.
→8. Under Power Mode, select Local and then click Change. At this point, your Nokia phone should restart, and you should see the text Local mode across your phonescreen .
9. Under Production Data Edit, click Read button. The textboxes should now contain values.
10. Check the Enable check box beside Product Code .
11. Click Write button.
12. Select Tools button on top
13. Click Factory Settings tab
14. Tick Full Factory button and click Reset button .
15. Last step, go back to Phone Info and click Normal then Change . Now your security code should be 12345 . Thats it biggrin | ●● RESET USING NSS PRO - →1. Install the latest Nokia PC Suite →2. Connect ur phone to computer via USB data cable, and choose PC Suite mode →3. Open NSS pro . Or : Right click NSS pro, Run as administrator. →4. Click Read Info and you'll see your phone details on left side →5. To enter phone test mode. ChooseTest Mode on bottom right and click the right arrow button (>wink to reboot phone →6. Under Factory Settings, choose Full Factory and click Reset . Done ●● RECOVER SECURITY CODE - Find back the forgotten security code :: 1.Download NSS Pro 2.Connect Nokia handset to Computer with data cable 3. Select PC Suite 4.Open NSS Pro, run as administrator 5. Click on Permanent Memory tab 6. Click Read button and wait until NSS Pro is finished reading your Nokia device . 7.When it is finished, under Phone Management tab the most bottom line will shows you the location where the PM file is saved . The PM file is named with your Nokia device's IMEI number (*#06#) . 8.You may now close NSS Pro and unplug your Nokia device . 9.Open your file with Notepad . 10. Press Ctrl F and find [308], continue scroll down till 5th record (5=) . 11. It should looks like this , example : 5=32303039300000000000. 12. By ignoring the red numbers in this pattern 32303039300000000000, the security code for this Example is 20090 (The numbers without security code will be in RED COLOUR) . ●● NSS Installing solution - After Nokia PC Suite installed necessary drivers , make sure your computer is able to recognize your Nokia phone device . 3. Disconnect the USB cable . 4. Download Nss Pro . 5. Run NssPro.exe . 6. Under Actions section , click User Code . (Nss Pro - User Code) 7. You will see "Init connection ....." Under Phone Management tab . Immediately , plug your Nokia phone device with USB cable and choose PC Suite connection mode on your phone. Nss Pro will begin to read your Nokia phone and shows you the Nokia Security Code (Possible code - underlined in red) . ## Note: If Nss Pro shows "Init connection ... Phone not found", please repeat step 6 to 7 again . Thats it . ENJOY ! ●● U can use this method to unlock Mobile without PC
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