Updating/Flashing Nokia Mobile Using Nokia Care Suit

Nokia Care Suit -U Can Flash and Manage Ur Nokia Mobile Using This Soft - http://www.softpedia.com/get/Mobile-Phone-Tools/Nokia/Nokia-Care-Suite.shtml | ALSO DOWNLOAD AND INSTALL -- http://www.softpedia.com/get/Programming/Components-Libraries/Microsoft-Visual-C-Redistributable-Package.shtml ●AND● http://www.softpedia.com/get/Others/Signatures-Updates/Microsoft-NET-Framework-Service-Pack.shtml | ● Installing process - After installing .NET 2.0 Framework and Visual C Redistributable | Run the NCS setup file . Fill ur Name as a Customer of Nokia . Click Next . Now u can see - Installation Type “ Complete ” or “ Custom “. → Choose “ Complete ” option . Click on finish . → After installing it,you can repair your nokia phone which have following types of problem - *1. Software problems *2. Hangs and auto swith off *3. Forgot phone security code *4. Software update/refubrish/flash ●● How To flash/update ur phone - # WARNING– follow the instructions given in this post very carefully . →Charge up phone’s battery to full →Remove memory card . Now there are two ways →A) Flashing or Updating firmware of a Nokia phone (when the phone is in working condition) . Just like you can do via Nokia Suite . The only difference between Nokia Care Suite and Nokia Suite software update is that . Nokia Suite can also backup phone data (and restore it after update process) while Nokia Care Suite will perform a clean install (all phone data will be deleted) . ● Follow the steps - → 1. If you already have phone’s firmware files (downloaded via Navifirm or from - http://mrcrab.net/nokia.html ) . Then copy them to - C: ProgramData\Nokia\Packages\Products\RM-={BANNED} (where ={BANNED} is your phone’s specific RM code . For example,it will be RM-807 for Nokia 808). Create the folders if they do not exist according to the path . →2. If you don’t have the firmware files then Nokia Care Suite can download the latest firmware for ur phone . To do it, launch NCS, at the main interface double click “Product Support Tool for Store” . →3. At the opened window click “ Tools /Firmware Download ” . Enter your phone’s product code in the dialogue box (this code is usually 7 digit long in the format 0={BANNED}={BANNED} , you can find yours - open the battery , see in the sticker , this sticker contains IMEI number,model no. , RM code,made in -- and the seven digit product code (RM-) . Now Click Check online button,wait for a while as NCS connects to Nokia firmware servers and show the current software variant , version and size info . Now click Download button (Do not tick/select the Optional content files option) . NCS will start downloading the files wait for the process to complete . Your firmware should be stored in the C: ProgramData\Nokia\Packages\Products folder . →4. After downloading completes , connect the phone with computer via data cable (in unlocked and ON condition) . At “Product Support Tool for Store ” window,click Connection drop down button and select the USB phone connection . Wait for a while as NCS loads phone’s info . Now click the button Programming – Refurbish (at the bottom left) . Refurbish window will show phone’s software info . Now Click “ Start ” button . Wait for the process to complete and NCS will notify you of the success . DONE !! You can also use “ Software Reset ” option (instead of Refurbish) under Programming menu . But this will reset phone’s software rather than re-install . ●● Flash Phone in Dead condition / Phone Locked by security code Flashing / Updating a dead phone (Due to firmware corruption) In switched Off condition, Nokia Care Suite can also refurbish/flash a dead Nokia mobile .To do this, follow the steps – →1. First exactly follow the steps 1 to 3 described above (the first 3 steps,in the begining of this post) →2. After downloading firmware files connect the dead phone ( In switched off condition ) . Via data cable and launch Nokia Care Suite . Double click “ Product Support Tool for Store ” →3. At the opened window set connection to “ No connection ” ( From drop down list at top left just below “File, View, Tools…. bar” ) . Now go to “ File / Open Product ”, find and select your phone’s RM-={BANNED} from the opened box and click Open . Dial *#0000# and u can see the RM code . Like (RM-786) . →4. Now click “ Programming – Recovery ” (option button at the bottom left) . At recovery window select the downloaded firmware and mark/tick “Update automatically” and “USB Dead phone flashing” option boxes (may or may not be present according to NCS version) and click next . NCS will start flashing your device and it may take several minutes so wait until the process completes . If everything is done properly , Ur mobile is now Okay . ENJOY !
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